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"I recommend Assemblive for online meetups. Just try it, you'll love it!"

Anna Palfrey, sales engineer & Community Manager

"I really believe in the future of this technology, inhabitants asked a lot of questions. It's interactive and very easy to understand."

Hugues Aubin, City of Rennes, France, uses Assemblive as a communication & mediation tool for a urban planning project

"I recommend Assemblive for training applications. It's flexible, easy to use, intuitive to get started. An easy-to-forget tool that lets participants focus on what matters: knowledge and skills development."

Jean-Paul Moiraud, teacher

Conduct virtual events
in your web browser

Online Conference

Assemblive provides environments tailored for typical real-life events, where participants are embodied so as to make chat (text, voice or video) and information sharing (slides, video) easy.

It's very easy to use: all you need is a browser, and mouse clicks will get everything done.

Go beyond one-to-many
Let everyone participate

Online Meeting

The value of a large conference comes from the engagement of every single participant, something other web conference solutions are not designed for.

Assemblive lets you do what actually works during real-life events: lectures, networking, multiple conferences in parallel in the same environment, casual discussions on the side, etc.

Do it in your website:
embed Assemblive
as a widget

Widget mode

Because you care about your audience, instead of asking everybody to come on assemblive.com, we let you embed Assemblive directly on your website.

All you need to do is to copy-paste a small chunk of code in your web page, and you are ready to go : meetings on your website.